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Like fingernails on a chalkboard

ravings of a warped and twisted mind

Jay Hova
10 January 1966
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Born at the tender age of zero(time in the womb is in fact negative time), I started life out as a screaming mass of flesh and bone. My first words were "ohh no not again!" I then spent many years in school, eventually escaping with a degree in audio engineering technology.
I'm somewhat amusing and quite weird.
Things I have done in the past; attended SF conventions, collected comics, Co-owed a punk rock club, played in 3 bands, wrote for a music newspaper with a circulation of 15,000, hosted a regular hour long show on pirate radio, opened for the Butthole Surfers when Gibby Haynes pulled me up on staged and said just keep talking, ran around in my underwear in a crowded theater (see above), fixed cars, built a blood-spitting chainsaw, worked on films and videos, ran my own computer business, drove 130 in Alabama, joined the church of the subgenius, performed 2 marriages as an ordained minister.
I am currently starting a restaurant consulting business, writing 2 books and I just finished a radio play that will air on pacifica radio.
7 seconds, 72 oz. steak, acoustics, akira kurosawa, alan moore, anime, anime conventions, antidisestablishmentarianism, aqua teen hunger force, artificial intelligence, atari, babylon 5, barry ween, bdsm, big black, blackadder, blow jobs, books, boondock saints, brazil, butthole surfers, cerebus, church of the subgenius, coffee houses, collecting, comic books, comics, computer games, computer technology, computers, cooking, crass, cthulhu, d20, david lynch, dead kennedys, debate, devo, doggy style, donnie darko, doors, douglas adams, dragoncon, dungeons and dragons, earl grey, eating meat, edgar allan poe, elvis, enlightened self-interest, fantasy, firefly, foetus, frank herbert, geeks, guns, gurps, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, harlan ellison, head of david, houston, invader zim, issac asimov, j.r. "bob" dobbs, jhonen vasquez, jimi hendrix, jimi hendrix experience, johnny the homicidal maniac, joss whedon, jthm, kill bill, kinky sex, kurt vonnegut, libertarianism, live music, massage, massages, misfits, miyamoto musashi, monty python, movies, music, negativland, neil gaiman, nick cave, orson scott card, pale girls, philosophy, pi, pulp fiction, punk rock, rapeman, red dwarf, redheads, reservoir dogs, resevoir dogs, restaurants, robert crumb, robert heinlein, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying games, salvidor dali, scanners, science, science fiction, scratch acid, sex, sf, sf conventions, simultaneous-multi-lovin', smart girls, spaceflight, spaceghost, subgenius, subhumans, surrealism, sushi, t-shirts, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, tex avery, texas, the axiom, the cramps, the ramones, the young ones, they might be giants, tim burton, time travel, tom waits, transmetropolitan, tron, tsol, two star symphony, uk subs, vegans suck, voltaire., warner bros. cartoons, weirdness, william gibson, women, zim