Jay Hova (jayhova) wrote,
Jay Hova

axiomatic rules for relationships

I have been told by more than one person that I lack emotional intelligence. I have no idea what that means. No one has ever qualified this statement. Of course this implies that I am emotionally stupid.

Perhaps this is the reason I use a set of fixed rules to determain my value.

1. Everyone has a value. This value must be determained by treatment.

2. How you feel about someone is irrelevent. The only important thing is how you treat them. i.e. the secret thoughts in your head don't impact others only your interactions with people have an effect on those people. To love and treat poorly is,essentially the same as no love.

3. People will consistantly treat you in the manner they feel you deserve.

4. People will consistanly encourage others in the manner they feel you deserve.

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