Jay Hova (jayhova) wrote,
Jay Hova

The commitments

We live in an increasingly I, Me, My universe. I find this very irritating because this is not the world I wish to live in. I want to live in a world where people don't put their feelings above commitments they have made. More than once I have been told by someone that the commitment they made to me would not be honored. Not, mind you, because I had done something, but because honoring that commitment no longer fit in with their plans. I feel like Charlie Brown running at the football only to have it yanked away. I feel I have made a down payment on a car that has been sold to someone else and now I am told "that money is gone". Wait a minute. WTF? I was very clear on what I would give and what I expected to get and invested time money and energy only to get treated like a piece of shit. Am I bitter. Yes. Why am I told that I should just take it? Why am I told that I need to be more of an adult? What exactly is not adult about expecting the other party to honor the arraignment they made with me and becoming mad as hell when they decide that they just don't want to. What is not adult about become angry when I find that my needs are unimportant?

It seems that this new age philosophy only really applies to people. No one says that if you went out and bought a car and suddenly found that the car no longer emotionally met your needs you shouldn't have to keep it. Guess what, you are still responsible for paying for that car. You can't just take it back and tell the guy you want your money back because you really felt that this car was going to make you feel better about yourself and the felling better only lasted 4 mouths. Commitment doesn't come with a guaranty. If you could just change your mind at any time it wouldn't be called commitment.
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