Jay Hova (jayhova) wrote,
Jay Hova

Sometimes a song shouldn't be given a second chance

I'm in The Home Despot last night trying to get my shit together so I can finish my shower project when the I am struck by the music they are playing.  The song is Second Chance by Shinedown yet another infinity forgettable band making infinity forgettable music. It strikes me this morning after reading something about the Beatles and how well their music still sells is that the songs they wrote were not written to perform well in a particular demographic and chart as quickly as possible by appealing to the listener's basic need to have someone "get them". None of this constant personal struggle music that the recording industry churns out. The Beatles songs told stories and promoted ideas. A song about imagining the possibilities of a world without borders and religion separating them is way better than some guy whining about how much it hurts to fight with his parents about living his life the way he feels he must then running away.

BTW, just in case you really like that song I just want to say that you are a douche.
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